In 2007 Earthrise Homes was involved with two alternative progressive building projects designed by the architect Brian Fuentes. The first was a 2500SF major remodel pop top at 1405 Linden Avenue in Boulder, Colorado.

Concurrently, the second project was a 850 SF massage studio out-building located at 1445 Riverside Avenue. Both structures used strawbales in conjunction with earth-oriented materials. Strawbales were incorporated in the pop top addition on Linden whereas all the exterior walls on the Riverside were made of straw.
working with natural & sustainable materials to create homes that
connect you with nature

"Our experiences with Earthrise Homes, and the company’s owner, Dale Johns, are always positive.  During our major home remodel project, Dale’s integrity and professionalism minimized all of our remodel anxieties and validated that we had chosen the right company for the job.  We are so grateful to Dale, and his staff, for the patience, expertise, constant dialogue, and hard work that we experienced during our entire project."

Susan & Sylvain Guegan


"Earthrise Homes and Dale Johns have done several things at our house, big and small.  He's careful and thorough, and he thinks ahead to all contingencies. Though he's almost always on-site, you're ihands even when he's not.  His workers and subs--often his son or underemployed philosophers--are just as good as he is.  I recommend Earthrise Homes without reservation."

John Carlson

"Dale Johns was crucial to the successful building of my straw-bale house in Boulder County, from the foundation to the wall raising to the finish work. His skill, competence, and integrity are of the highest order. I recommend him without reservation."
Steve Arney

"Dale did a house renovation and construction project for our home.We felt totally confident in Dale's work--he is so easy to work
with and he completed the work in the time frame that he predicted, which is unheard ofin the construction business! Dale is a true
craftsman--creative, deliberate and trustworthy.We were so pleased with the results, both aesthetically and financially."

Dottie and Peter Oatman
Three goals were in mind when we started the job on 1405 Linden:

1. To teach construction to young people. There were 6 who became involved, ranging in age from 20 – 23 years old.

2. To work with natural and sustainable materials as much as possible.

3. To use the concept of sharing the abundance. i.e. paying Boulder living wages, using local sub-contractors and suppliers, and sharing building techniques and problem-solving information.
2009-2010 Custom Home Passive Design

  • photovoltaics
  • geothermal
  • adobe clay floor
  • bamboo floor
  • recycled materials
2011 Current EarthRise Home Project:
Bathroom Addition

  • trombe wall
  • strawbale & plaster walls
  • composting toilet
  • shower with plaster walls